Pam was bounced from Canada to England, to the US and then back to Canada, all before age 16. No matter where she went, Spirit followed. Her lack of understanding caused her to become introverted and fearful. But Pam was truly gifted; she just didn’t know it. Her family that also had the gift, kept quiet about it. After a near breakdown, Pam’s life flashed before her and soon after that, it became clear that there was a purpose to be fulfilled. She began her long journey of learning about herself, her gifts and her mission in life. She studied for several years with Concept Therapy – the Laws of the Universe; received the Tao with the Masters instructions to live her responsibility; served at Britten Memorial Church as a Spiritual Medium and President of the Board of Directors; gave talks at The Learning Annex; served as a visiting medium at Lily Dale in New York and authored an important book on domestic violence. Pam now lives as a gifted Medium, Conscious Channeler and Dream Interpreter. Her blog radio show offers a weekly talk and messages for the callers. She is passionate about helping you reach the connections most important to you. When you book with Pam, you will likely feel uplifted, calmer and more clear.

A Reading With Pam

With Pam’s advanced ability to channel Spirit, she can give you an accurate, genuine and intense reading. There’s a reason you clicked here; perhaps you could follow that feeling?

Private 60 min. Reading

$ 120 CAD

  • Your in-depth private reading helps you get the answers you need; and maybe some you didn't expect.
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Private 30 min. Reading

$ 75 CAD

  • Do you have a burning question that you need an answer to? This session is suited for that one issue that you most need help with.
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Home Group Party 3-6 People

$ 65 CAD

  • Above rate is per person
  • (Host is complimentary) Gather a few of your friends together in your home for a fun evening! Everyone receives a personal 15 minute reading.
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Home Group Party 7+ People

$ 25 CAD

  • Above rate is per person
  • Host is complimentary. Gather 7 or more of your friends together in your home for a fun evening! Everyone receives a personal 5 minute message or an answer to one specific question.
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Dinner with Spirit

$ 55 CAD

  • Above rate is per person
  • Up close and personal! Spend an enlightened evening with a gifted medium. Ask questions about what you've always wanted to know while enjoying a nice meal. After dinner while relaxing you'll receive your 15 min reading. Limited to 4 guests.
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Corporate Events

$ 500 CAD

  • Above rates are per hour
  • Casual business entertainment. Host a corporate event for an informative and entertaining event at your designated location.
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Soul Rescue

$ 500 CAD

  • Above rates are per hour
  • Two gifted sisters work with Soul Rescue. One works with Spirit while the other guides with energy. Spirits need resolution before moving into the Light; we can help
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There are spirits who seek out mediums to help them into the light. They often don ’t realize that they are holding on to life; they are feeling lost and unaware that they can move on. I generally do rescues with my sister Roma Black, and we help these lost souls move into the light.

My experience with less than positive energies has taught me how to protect myself, and those around me, from this type of interference. It took a while and some disturbing incidents, but I came to realize that I am in control of the experience, not the negative energies. Usually they just need help to realize themselves and move into the light.

I use the White Light of God, His Angels, and prayer for protection. Prior to all my readings, I meditate and draw Love and Light to me and you. When you receive messages, trust your security to whatever you understand God to be.

In my experience, Spirit will give information guiding you to listen to your innermost feelings. If there are serious circumstances that need your attention, the message will likely confirm your deep intuitive feelings, not your fears.


  • I spoke with Pam off air about a personal situation. I was so impressed with her love and genuine care that she showed me. I really believe she can help you find peace of mind; whether it’s a relationship or work issue; or you need guidance from Spirit and your loved ones, Pam is able to offer you answers to your burning questions and give you comfort. Michael Long, Radio Host, Journey Into The Light.

    Testimonials Michales -
  • Can’t thank you enough for the reading today the information you shared is priceless

    Testimonials Bhaskaran -
  • I must tell you again how much I enjoyed your workshop… You gave so much practical information. I have a new outlook on dream interpretation. You have a wonderful way with the participants. You made us feel and know that the power to do this work is inside us. You are down to earth and funny. You weren't there to grandstand, sell products and show how amazing you are.... even though you are

    Testimonials Workshop participant from Niagara Falls, ON
  • There was one person in our group, a non-believer and you made her jump out of her seat and believe    

    Testimonials Group Private Readings, Undisclosed
  • Thank you…through the words you delivered, I feel a new sense of energy…I am forever delighted by the soul-travelers who find their way to help each other – you are among them.    

    Testimonials Private Reading, Newmarket, ON
  • I came into your class because my workshop had been cancelled. I didn’t know much about dreams and I walked away with so much information I can truly use. All I can say is I’m so glad my other class was cancelled. You were amazing…    

    Testimonials Workshop Participant from The Learning Annex workshop – Toronto

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My Book

Walking out of the fire book By Pam

A book about one woman’s journey from suffering and violence to her deepest Spiritual awakening.

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